Hotel Review – Darling Harbour (Sydney)

Darling Harbour is the “other harbour” the main one being where the sort of famous bridge and drying plates or sails building (aka the Sydney Opera House) is. Darling Harbour is typically less crowded with tourists and has more of the business/convention crowds, given the close proximity to the Sydney Convention Center. On Fridays, they … Continue reading Hotel Review – Darling Harbour (Sydney)

Once in a Lifetime Experience – Bungy Jumping

Would you rather bungee (“bungy”) jump or skydive? I was shocked by how many people said they would much rather skydive because they thought it was less scary and safer than bungy jumping. This was so wild to me. Bungy jumping is significantly lower than when you sky dive out of an airplane. The argument … Continue reading Once in a Lifetime Experience – Bungy Jumping