Beachcomber – Fiji

Beachcomber was the last stop on the island-hopping portion of my Fiji trip. Below the Yasawas are the Mamanucas. This is the closest chain of islands from Nadi, accessible by a 25-30 minute boat ride. Given their proximity from the main island it’s possible to do day trips to these islands and go back to Nadi in the evening. It was also the perfect area to stay on an island, but still give my friend time to catch her evening flight. 

Beachcomber is known as a party island and the online video made it look like the place to be. After the week and a half of traveling around the islands I hadn’t met many (if any) people that have already been or planning to stay there, which was a little odd. We were greeted in the typical fashion we had become accustomed to on the islands – singing, smiling, and a huge bula. Walking onto the island something was a little off and that was a lack of people. 

Check in didn’t go very smoothly, but I think the worker was maybe out of her element. We booked a four-person girl’s dorm and my friend and I were bunking with a girl we had met at Blue Lagoon. The bathroom was in the same building, but accessible by outside. The room was small, but would have been fine if there was proper air circulation (it didn’t and at night was very stuffy). 

Upon exploring the resort we realized how massive it was. There were so many buildings and structures, as well as little areas with hammocks tucked in overlooking the water. I was told that you could walk the entirety of the island in about an hour and a half. In the middle of the property there was a small turtle enclosure where they were caring for a few turtles before they would be released back into the ocean. The main attraction to the island was the huge bar. I’m sure when the Beachcomber is actually full this would be poppin’ and hold true to the party island reputation, but they were only operating at 6% occupancy during our stay. 

With the day-trippers there was a bit more life during the day on the island. The main free attraction was a snorkeling trip put on twice a day. They brought the group out on a boat and feed fish. Each night they tried to engage everyone after dinner with some games, but it was always under ten people and ended up being an early night. Our second night there was a limbo competition – which I won making my record three for three. 

On our second day my friend and I decided to take a day trip to Treasure Island, which was a short boat ride away. Again we didn’t know what to expect, but thought it was going to be a little livelier than Beachcomber. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case. We also had crummy weather so overall it just wasn’t great. 

That day we were also moved to a private room with twin beds, our own bathroom, and a proper fan. It was a nice treat. 

The food was served buffet style for all the meals. Breakfast was pretty similar to Mantaray. Lunch was a tray buffet with a few hot options and salad. For dinner there was usually rice dish, a couple of meat options, fish, vege, and salad for dinner with dessert to finish off. The meal plan was $99 FJ per person per day. I would say the quality of the food was on par with the other islands, but the presentation and the lack of choosing your meal didn’t really compare to Blue Lagoon and Mantaray. 

The biggest drawback of the island was how expensive everything else was. A water bottle was $8.70 (random not round number), drinks were $22ish, and the motorized water sports like jet skis were ridiculously expensive. I couldn’t understand why the water was so expensive, on more remote islands I had paid $5 for a bottle and at fancier resorts I hadn’t paid more than $6. 

I hate to say it because the staff really did try with that they had, but this place just reminded me of the ghost or shadow of once was and it was sad. At night the grounds were borderline deserted. I can only hope that it may be a little better here during the peak season. As it stands currently I wouldn’t recommend stopping here. 

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