Hotel Review – Perth Take 2

Oh boy coming from Rottnest Island we decided to pick a hotel closer to the airport to make our drive there the next morning shorter. We booked into International on the Water for our last night in Perth. Online the hotel looked great, but isn’t that always the case? When we were driving up it seemed as if we were in a residential neighborhood, but then we turned into the hotel property seemingly out of nowhere. It looked really nice from the outside, but when you walk into the lobby your eyes are kind of assaulted by all the gaudy things you can look at – velvet, leather, chandeliers, horse statues, etc. 

All of the superficial riches are quickly dissolved with the rudeness and lack of professionalism of the reception staff. We then had to cart our own luggage up a hill putting the risk of scratching other guests’ cars. Again the hallways were so lavish and overdone with eccentric décor. The room and the bathroom were large, but the beds were actual twin beds, each with one pillow and towel. Then in the bathroom there wasn’t a shower gel and they only had a combined shampoo/conditioner, but don’t worry there was a wine fridge. You also couldn’t dead bolt your door, but there was an annoying alarm on each door that started when opened. 

It seemed like whoever decorated this hotel went a little crazy in trying to make the hotel looknice and they forgot about what guests would actually care about to make their stay more enjoyable. 

Their fitness center was also haphazardly done. Even though the maintenance wasn’t there, the pool area was nice and you could actually see the water mentioned in their name. 

Would I recommend this hotel? No. First of all, the receptionist who checked us in turned me off so much from the property I couldn’t even find the energy to even approach her. Secondly, the extreme, over the top gaudiness of the place is so superficial I would rather stay in a basic, no frills hotel. If you want something close the airport there are cheaper options and this is nowhere near the city to be convenient if you wanted to explore Perth. 

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