Book Review 10: A Town Like Alice

The novel A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute was published in 1950. At the beginning of the novel it’s hard to imagine it being a love story, but that’s exactly what it evolves into. Alice refers to Alice Springs, Australia in Northern Territory aka the outback. Unlike most rural towns in the outback, Alice Springs is a thriving community. The whole premise of the book is to transform another outback town into a town like Alice Springs. 

It’s very cool because one of the main characters is a young woman (late 20s) without much education, but with a savvy mind for business and she’s the one initiating all of the change to the town. Given that a man wrote in the 50s it’s really cool to see how progressive he was for the time period.

We bought this book at Red Kangaroo Books, the Alice Springs bookshop, (mentioned in the book) mostly for that novelty of being there.

If you’re familiar with Australia it was really cool being able to see the places that are mentioned in the book in the past because a lot has changed. My biggest takeaway from the book was that I needed to visit Green Island in Cairns when I’m up there in a couple of months. 

It was a good book and very easy to read. Not sure if I would recommend it because it’s not relevant to today, but I wouldn’t not recommend it if that makes sense. If you stumbled on it at a library give it a read, but definitely don’t go out and purchase it. 

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