City Spotlight – Perth

I’ve always been told that Perth was an underrated city. However, after visiting I would say it is justly rated. Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful city, but for the distance to travel to Perth and how much you can do especially compared to Melbourne, Sydney, and the east coast I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s too far just to come for a weekend trip, but I think a week here would be too long. That being said we really enjoyed the time we had here, but it felt like a stopover place rather than a destination. 

Here are my top things to do and see in and around Perth:  

  1. Rottnest Island – this was the highlight of my entire trip with my mom so it has to get the #1 spot. Rottnest is located 19km off of the mainland and it is stunning. Many people visit the island as a day trip, but we spent 3 days on the island, which I would highly recommend. 
  2. Fremantle – When we visited Fremantle on a Sunday it was the first time we actually saw a lot of people. This little port town was the place to be. There was a market going on, lots of cafes and restaurants, and overall had a buzzing energy. 
  3. Cottesloe beach – Western Australia is known for their beaches and Cottesloe is known to be the best beach in the area. It was really beautiful and not very crowded when we went. Besides lying out or taking a swim you can walk along the beach or to Cottesloe Town. There are some cute boutique shops and some cafes. 
  4. Festivals – Perth seemed to always have some kind of festival going on. We were there during the Fringe and the Lights festivals. They are perfect opportunities to do something different for the day or on a night out. The arts and music are meant to be very big here. 
  5. Food – We had some yummy food for only being in Perth a couple of days. 
    • Flora and Fauna – vegan brunch spot with really great options from a daily menu. The food is fresh and creative. 
    • Petition Kitchen – this seems like a hotspot you need a reservation for. They have a sharable menu that is extremely impressive.
    • Van’s Café – located near Cottesloe beach; this is where I had the best avocado toast ever. They had a full on menu, lovely cakes; and great coffee. 
  6. Cohunu Koala Park – I think this place is very interesting. It wouldn’t be on my list of top things to do if it wasn’t for the koala encounter. My mom had so much time holding the koala compared to the other encounters where they just pass the koala from one person to another in under 30 seconds. It was special. 

That pretty much wraps up my Perth experience. There are also wineries and wine cruises down the Swan River, which are meant to be really nice, but since we did our wine-ing in Hunter Valley we skipped out on it in Perth. 

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