Cohunu Koala Farm

I’ve found that there are a lot of misconceptions about Australia. I truly think that some believe that snakes and spiders are everywhere and kangaroos jump around all over the streets. The truth is (and I’m probably jinxing myself putting this in writing) I have yet to see a spider or a snake and the closest I’ve ever been to a kangaroo is at an animal sanctuary. When I was having some phone issues back in September, the woman at Verizon couldn’t imagine a cityscape once I told her I was in Australia – she thought everything was barren. Another thing to note when coming here you also can’t hold koalas everywhere. Some states, like New South Wales where Sydney is located, it is against the law to hold them. Queensland is the best state to hold a koala with the most opportunities. 

My mom didn’t have a trip to Queensland on our itinerary, but she told me she couldn’t go home without having that experience. So we went on a bit of a search to see where it could be done on our travels. The Perth Zoo had an encounter, but the dates didn’t align with our schedule. We finally came across Cohunu Koala Park

Cohunu is located 40 minutes out of the city. The options to get there are train and bus or Uber. They are open daily from 10am to 4pm with an admission fee of only $15 for adults and $5 for children. The koala experience is $30 extra with pictures taken on your own device. We saw some interesting reviews on Cohunu so we didn’t know what to expect. 

Pulling in to the parking (car park) we were greeted by views of some massive dinosaur statues and a small-scale farm. When you’re walking around it’s kind of bizarre because many of the animals are roaming free. While looking into one of the enclosures I was quickly surrounded by a peacock, emu, and a couple of ponies all with a wall of bird cages three feet away. At reception when paying for admission you can also buy a bag of popcorn to feed the animals. This was kind of a rad flag for me…should the animals really eat popcorn? 

The farm was small with just a couple of exhibits. Not including the animals roaming free there was a crocodile pen, two dingos, a lot of different birds, and a fenced kangaroo area. The roos were also with deer and a couple of ostriches on the outer perimeter. 

The best part of the farm was by far koala experience. My mom went when there wasn’t a line so she had a lot of time with the koala, Crystal. Most of the encounters I’ve seen have been less than 30 seconds, but my mom was able to hold and cuddle with Crystal for a good amount of time. The koala encounter alone made the trip out here worth it.  

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