Hotel Review – Tekapo

In true treat yo’ self fashion for my stop at Tekapo I stayed at Peppers Bluewater Resort. I’ve never stayed at a Peppers property, but I really liked the overall experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The property itself was very well taken care of and it seemed to be fairly new. Rather than an enclosed space like a typical hotel this layout consisted of various blocks of little houses or villas. It reminded me a lot of the apartment complexes in Orlando. Tekapo is a very small town so you really can’t have a bad location. Peppers was located right across the street from the lake and strip of restaurants. Then it was about a 20 minute walk to Tekapo Springs and the base of Mount John.

The room was gorgeous. I was happy it was on the ground level because of my suitcases. The staff brought and picked up my suitcases which is a luxury you forget about when you’re living in hostels. The bathroom was massive and had a bathtub, shower, heated towel rack, etc. The king sized bed was super comfy and I wish I could have slept in longer or stayed for a couple of nights. My room also had a balcony where you could see Lake Tekapo poking out in the distance. The day I was leaving they also dropped me and my luggage off at the bus pick up area.

I would highly recommend this hotel if you wanted a bit of luxury in Tekapo. The experience was so positive that I will look out for Peppers properties for future trips.

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