Eco Tracking – Weeks 3 and 4

Wow I’ve been slacking on this front. The main thing I’ve noticed is that plastic is everywhere. Cutting out small things like a throw away coffee cup really just isn’t enough. I guess plastic is cheaper to make than other materials and it is a hygienic way to separate items into single serve sizes. The use and ease of plastic products is so ingrained into our modern way of life. I’m saying this sitting in a country that does have reduced plastic already – like no plastic bags anywhere. While traveling I’m basically changing my environment daily so it’s difficult to get into a routine, but I will continue to be more mindful. I also think my next eco-purchase will be my own set of utensils/straw to cut that kind of waste out. Although, I’ve been mindful about my plastic usage I admit I haven’t been extremely diligent in tracking it. I do know I haven’t eaten meat in the past two weeks and I don’t think I had cheese daily, but I just didn’t track everything.

Week 3

Sunday – all clear; I was still recovering from the crossing and I think kept it very minimal this day. For dinner, I used the remaining groceries I had and then gave away the rest of the spinach I didn’t use.

Monday – Coffee cup and a styrofoam container for at lunch (seriously?! I thought styrofoam was no longer in use at all here). I left my keep cup in the bus and wasn’t planning on getting coffee, but it was part of a meal combo.

Tuesday – single serve butter served with my scone; candy wrappers (you’ll be seeing these a lot – there was a lot of driving or sitting/admin work in this week and I indulged more than I should have. Candy wrappers are made of a combo of plastic and aluminum and probably the most wasteful thing I could reach for barely 5 seconds of sweetness. I’ll list these as “CW”); cutlery served with my peaches and creme snack from a market, but they were listed as bio friendly.

Wednesday – CW, single serve popcorn bag, and plastic water bottle with lunch (these all came with the tour we were on and I didn’t order this).

Thursday – CW

Friday – cutlery with lunch, orange juice bottle, and CW.

Saturday – This was the first full day at Rhythm and Vines. All of their food containers, utensils, etc. are said to be eco-friendly. CW during my volunteer shift.

Week 4

Sunday – The plastic cups at RnV are posted to be “made of plants not oil,” but it’s still a single use cup so I’ll track it with the orange juice I drank today. I also finished a bag of trail mix in a plastic bag.

Monday – possibly just CW while on shift.

Tuesday – cup of orange juice.

Wednesday – CW.

Thursday – finally back in civilization and out of the festival world. I finished a bag of trail mix, single cup of yogurt, and plastic top from sauce top with dinner (the container was cardboard, but the top was plastic).

Friday – two spoons from taste testing ice cream, plastic container from ketchup, lid and straw from a smoothie.

Saturday – I was on the road from 9:15am to 7:30pm and all my snacks/food wasn’t plastic. Woo!

So yeah I would say that the past four weeks of “eco-tracking” hasn’t been the best, but I guess it’s a start and I’ll continue to be super mindful.

Check out Week 1 and Week 2 tracking.

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