Happy New Year!

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break for the last week. I was fully in the moment of enjoying Christmas and the end of 2019. I spent Christmas up north on the Northern Island of New Zealand in Paihia. On the 26th, I ventured back to Auckland for a night. The next morning I was off east to Gisborne (“Gizzy…” I’m not kidding). 

I spent 5 nights camping, obviously without Internet, and rang in the New Year 18 hours before my friends and family on the East Coast of the U.S. Yep, I was in a new decade/future for a while. Currently, I’m chilling out in Gizzy for a couple more days before heading south and continuing on my adventuring. 

I’ve had a good amount of reflection on the past year and thinking about the year ahead this last week. 2019 was a big year for me and I feel so lucky and blessed (sorry I know it’s corny, but it’s true!). So much has happened it doesn’t seem like it all could have been in the same year! 

  • I started off the year in Arizona (a new state I hadn’t visited before). I was there for a UCF Bowl game (which unfortunately was a L) with a big brother like figure and fellow UCF fans. 
  • I tired and hated snowboarding for the first time.
  • I Marie Kondo-ed my possessions. 
  • I had an epic 26th Miami birthday trip thanks to incredible friends.  
  • Saw a few of great productions (Pretty Woman, Hamilton, My Fair Lady, Frozen, The Network, Sea Wall/A Life, Heartbeat of Home, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Sylvia, and The Nutcracker). 
  • Became a Game of Thrones fan. 
  • Saw Hillary Duff IRL filming Younger
  • Had a Disney day with my Chi O family like the good old days. 
  • Witnessed Jordan and Chandler get married. This was also a chance to reunite with a lot of Chi O sisters I hadn’t seen in years! 
  • Had a trip of a lifetime with my mom to Costa Rica. 
  • Participated in an event at the Kennedy Compound. 
  • Saw Blink 182 with one of my oldest friends much like we did back in 2009 so this was the ultimate “good old days.” 
  • Welcomed puppy Milo into the squad. 
  • Participated in all the wedding celebrations for the Redferns (bridal shower, bachelorette, and of course the beautiful and super fun wedding). 
  • Went on the annual Hamptons trip with the NYC squad. 
  • And then I quit my job. 
  • Traveled to Croatia with Surf Yoga Beer and met the most incredible group of humans. 
  • Stopped over to Vienna and London afterwards with my mom for a much needed and appreciated quality time trip with her. 
  • The rest has been pretty much highlighted in the previous posts, but I guess to highlight:
    • I finally realized my dream of over 5 years and moved to Australia. 
    • Traveled around a bit on the East Coast and met some wonderful people along the way. I also reconnected with a good friend from college and I’m excited to have our friendship flourish further. 
    • I had sushi for Thanksgiving. 
    • Became really interested in Climate Change/the environment. 
    • Started exploring New Zealand. 
    • Tried surfing and loved it (much to my surprise, re: snowboarding at the start of the year). 
    • Spent my first Christmas away from home. 😦
    • Camped and attended my first full on multi-day festival. 
    • Watched the New Year fireworks with 25,000 other people and danced into the new decade. 

Honestly, I am so thankful for 2019 and I don’t know how 2020 could possibly beat it. Everything I’ve been able to experience and see has overwhelmed me with gratitude. My friends and family have also experienced an abundance of happiness this year (engagements, marriages, babies, new houses, new pets, graduations, moves, etc.) There have been a few hardships, but I’m annoyingly optimistic and don’t care to dwell. I am very thankful for the current health of all friends and family.

I have to pull myself back on my excitement for the New Year and live more in the moment. Similar to when I first moved to Australia my mind constantly wants to make plans months in advance and I want to pull back on that. I do know that the majority of January will be spent traveling the South Island of New Zealand and in February my mom will be coming to Australia. I’m so terribly excited to see my mama I can’t wait for February. I also think (and hope) a few friends may be making their way over, but beyond that your guess is as good as mine so keep on reading along. 

New Year’s Resolutions? I haven’t thought much into it because I’ve really just been reflecting on the wonders of 2019, but I think I can come up with a manageable list: 

  • Be kinder in every situation/encounter. 
  • Eat less meat and maybe eventually try being vegan (I pretty much already don’t eat meat, but I want to be more conscious of it; becoming vegan and cutting out milk products, mainly cheese and ice cream, will be the bigger challenge). 
  • Be more green/environmentally friendly.  
  • Reach out to friends and family more and be better in general at communicating. 
  • Read more (well at least the same rate as I have been since coming across the world). 

Yep, I’m pretty much satisfied with that list and I actually have a couple of goals in mind too: do more yoga (and teach more maybe?), finally like red wine, earn more “perfect months” via my Apple watch, hold more koalas/animals, see more live music, and be home for Christmas in 2020. I hope that writing it down will keep me accountable in any event I want to make sure I wish everyone a Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!! Lets make it a great one!! 

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