Eco Tracking – Week 2

This week has definitely been a fail compared to how I would like to be reducing my plastic use and being more environmentally conscious. I guess it really is a process, but I’ve become pretty frustrated with myself. I started this week in Rotorua and there was an abundance of paper towels at the hostel – the bathrooms didn’t even have dryers just the towels – so I noticed I was using a lot even when I didn’t need to.

Sunday – I ordered a date scone at a cafe and I think it had a plastic wrap on it which they then removed to heat up. They also served the scone with a single serve butter (plastic with foil top). I did order my coffee in my keep cup though.

Monday – I had another scone with the same plastic deal as the day before this time no butter and coffee in my keep cup. I also finished some food I had including muesli which was in a plastic bag.

Tuesday – finishing up more of the food I already had for breakfast, there was a plastic wrapper from the halloumi. I went to a cafe today and ordered coffee thinking it would be served in a glass cup because I was drinking it there, but they served it in a single use cup with a plastic top. At the spa this evening I also asked for a bag for my wet swim suit; I do plan on reusing this bag. I did laundry this evening and used the dryer too.

Wednesday – I continued to finish up a lot of food I already had so the plastic containers were coming to an end – blueberries, yogurt, and peanut butter. The plastic in the bottom of my reusable grocery bag also oddly broke so I chucked that.

Thursday – I bought a new grocery bag when I was food shopping. I’m not tracking each time so I’ll just put it once but… feminine hygiene products are being used.

Friday – I finished a shower gel and today I didn’t eat meat or cheese. I haven’t been eating meat, but cheese does keep sneaking in often…oops 🙂

Saturday – Today was a big day. We were doing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. We were required to bring a minimum of 2 liters of water. I bought two 1.5 liter bottles of water and brought my reusable 500ml bottle for the hike. We left our accommodation before 6am to drive to the National Park and I grabbed a hot chocolate at a pitstop. I wasn’t sure how much time we had so I didn’t use my keep cup (in hindsight I had enough time to use it). That evening I also finished a shampoo and another small bottle.

This week was more wasteful and along the lines of how I would have normally operated. I really want to be better next week.

Check back on Week 1’s tracking and why I’m trying to reduce my plastic use in general.

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