Welcome/About Me

Taken my first week in Sydney

Hello! Welcome to my travel blog. My name is Sylwia (the w is like a v) and I’ve had major wanderlust since I can remember. If I have to put a year to it I would say it started around when I was 16 and went to Paris with my mom and Grandma. Since then I’ve travelled around as much as possible – and I’m up to 30+ countries already. Visiting a place is one thing, but living abroad is a totally different challenge and I was up for it.

I quit my job in NYC back in August and moved to Australia a month later. This blog’s primary purpose is to be a record/memory keeper of my time living and traveling across the globe. I’m thinking of it like a travel diary and a way to go more in-depth from the photos I post on Instagram. Basically, I want to keep my family and friends updated, provide advice/guidance to other people thinking of taking this leap and moving abroad (specifically to Australia), and to keep track of everything that has happened and where I’ve visited. It’s going to be super casual and I hope that if you know me then the posts read like I speak and you can imagine me retelling my adventures to you over coffee or ice cream.

I’ve been putting off starting a blog for a while, but I had my tarot cards read in Byron Bay and was told to stop procrastinating. So here I am putting pen to paper so to speak to the world. I plan to speak truthfully about my entire experience (the good and the bad). Thankfully, so far it’s all been pretty good.

I was really apprehensive about moving even though it was something I’ve dreamed of for years. If this blog or my experiences can offer any sort of guidance or support to other travelers I would be thrilled. I’ll be writing about my trips, recommendations, tips, and anything else I’ll want to eventually look back on.


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