Hotel Review – Melbourne

Whenever I get weary of the hostel life I go on HotelTonight to see if there are any good deals in the area. And boy was I getting weary in Melbourne. My hostel mates were a rotating bunch of borderline sick girls and by “sick” I mean ill not “cool.” You know not totally sick, but on the verge of coming down with something and therefore coughing, tossing, and turning all throughout the night. After four nights in my first hostel I needed a break. I booked into Punthill Manhattan for two nights.

Wow I was shocked upon entering the room or should I say apartment. The design and decor was gorgeous – a mix of modern and industrial. The bathroom was huge with heated lights and a washer/dryer; a totally private bedroom in the middle of the space so not too close to the windows/outside noise; a full kitchen complete with a fridge, microwave, stove, and oven; and also a living room space with a tv, couch, table with chairs, etc. Other amenities included a gym with a hot tub. The location was also fantastic and walkable to anywhere in Melbourne’s CBD.

Especially after the hostel life this was luxury at its finest. I ended up staying four nights here and the average cost per night including taxes ended up being $88 USD. Definitely look up this hotel chain when you are in Melbourne – there were a few different locations, but the Manhattan was the best option for me with a great location.

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