Off the Beaten Track – Malabar

If you find yourself in Sydney, but want to get a unique experience head east to do the Malabar Coastal Walk. Accessible from Maroubra Beach this was was unlike any other coastal walk that I have done so far in Australia. You walk through Malabar Headland National Park along cliffs and through bush. Make sure you check online before venturing out to ensure the park is open. Parts of the park are near a rifle range and every so often the eastern section is closed off (every Saturday and 1st and 3rd Sunday). If you see red flags don’t go into the park.

I did the walk on a Thursday afternoon and really didn’t think much of it. Most of the time whenever you do a costal walk there is a steady stream of people coming in both directions. That was not the case going through Malabar. I think I saw a total of 5 people on the 2.5 mile walk. I know it’s a national park and it’s not that I felt unsafe, but the worst kept going through my head because I was completely alone. Thankfully, I had cell service throughout the entire walk. I also read the signs before going into the park so I knew how long the walk was suppose to approximately take, but while walking there really wasn’t much signage beyond some obscure arrows on the ground.

The views of the ocean were spectacular and so many areas of dramatic cliffs. The end of the walk leads you to Malabar beach, which again only had 3 people enjoying the open water. They were paddle boarding and I wanted to join in. Across the street from the beach is the Malabar Beach Cafe (note it closes at 3pm). I grabbed a coffee and a museli cookie before grabbing the bus back to Maroubra. Rather doing the return walk alone I did the return Maroubra to Coogee walk after the bus dropped me off. I just felt a bit safer.

I really loved this walk and would recommend grabbing your favorite walking buddy or doing this for a date.

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