Hostel Review 2 – Noosa

Noosa has been one of my favorite destinations so far. I already plan on going back in a couple of months when my mom visits. I stayed in two different hostels in Noosa, one on either end of the trip.

Noosa Flashpackers

A little bit out of town away from the main Noosa Beach. Sunshine Beach is closer to this hostel. They had a shuttle that was running very consistently to take you back and forth to town, which was very convenient. I stayed in a 4 person mixed dorm. I really liked the rooms because they had an ensuite bathroom. They also offer free breakfast in the mornings and coffee/tea all day. There was also a pool and a nice outdoor area to hang out in. I liked the overall vibe of the space and the size was totally manageable in meeting people and not over crowded. I would totally recommend to stay here if you don’t mind being a little bit out of town. Of course you can still walk everywhere it just takes a little bit longer.

Halse Lodge YHA

For my return trip (between Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island), I decided to stay at a different hostel and be closer to town/main beach. This time I was in a 6 person shared room with a shared bathroom. There are two buildings for the rooms and I was in the one that was a bit further back. There’s an onsite bar/restaurant that consistently had people of all ages coming in, including families. All the noise that would be coming from the bar didn’t reach or disturb me whatsoever in my room. The location couldn’t be beat as it was only a couple of minute walk down to all the action. The property was also beautiful. Besides sharing a room, there wasn’t a lot about this location that felt like a hostel. Most of the people staying there felt like they have been there for a while and already had their groups of friends. While I was staying at Halse there weren’t any social events. I was honestly exhausted from Fraser Island so I didn’t mind, but many people look for that when staying at a hostel so that may be a turn off for some people. I would also highly recommend this hostel if you are in Noosa.

Nomads Noosa Backpackers

I didn’t stay here, but it’s worth mentioning. This is definitely the more “party” hostel of the lot in Noosa. Even if you don’t stay here you will likely come out to the bar here at some point. There is also a Fraser Island tour that departs straight from here rather than going out to Rainbow Beach. From what I observed this seemed like an overall younger, rowdier crowd.

The overall feel of all the hostels was pretty good and you would be safe with picking whichever. I would probably stay at the YHA as a first choice when coming back to Noosa.

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