No Nonsense Noosa

Noosa is a very chic beach town in the Sunshine Coast. If you are familiar with Florida it has a very similar feel to Naples and if you’ve traveled around Australia a bit it feels like the “grown up” version of Byron Bay. Still full of chill, beachy vibes, but filled with families and fancier establishments (restaurants, shops, etc.). 

Getting There

From Sunshine Coast Airport there’s a public bus that will take you into Noosa Junction Bus Station. Depending on where you are staying you can transfer buses here, take an Uber, or walk because the accommodation starts around this area and then filters towards the main beach. I stayed at two very different hostels in Noosa.

Things to Do 

Main Beach – really easy to get to regardless of where in town you are staying. Most places are an easy walk and the further accommodations are still walkable or will most likely have shuttles to the beach. It was a beautiful beach to catch the sunset or lay out in the afternoon for a couple of hours. 

Noosa Coastal Walk – If you haven’t guessed by now I’m a sucker for the coastal walks. I finally had the opportunity to do this walk on my last full day and I knew I couldn’t leave Noosa without doing it. I started the trek at Main Beach. This walk goes through the Noosa National Park and it’s beautifully well kept and if you are doing the walk solo the other walkers will give you peace of mind. There are a bunch of well marked pit stops along the way from the Boiling Pot, Dolphin Point, Hell’s Gates, and most well photographed the Fairy Pools. I think these blew up because of Instagram and I witnessed firsthand what millennials will go through for the ‘gram. It wasn’t easy getting to the pools, in fact I would even wager and say it may have been dangerous, but that didn’t stop any of us from going. And you know what? It was worth it. The pools were so pristine and just freaken cool. The water is crystal clear (you can even see a little bit of coral on one of the rock walls) and the ocean is crashing on the sides, but not bringing enough to welcome any fish or you know sharks. So you feel like you have this special spot in the world. To top it all off dolphins came out in the horizon and kept swimming in the near distance for 10 or so minutes (I think they liked the music that was playing or maybe they just wanted to show off).  After sun bathing for a bit I realized I had to keep moving or I wouldn’t finish the walk before dark. The walk ends at Sunshine beach and is a total of approximately 3 miles one way. 

Kayak in the Everglades – I lived in Florida for five years and never did anything close to exploring the Everglades. Now I move to Australia and I kayak in theirs for five hours. It’s funny how things turn out. In all seriousness the excursion was fantastic. I went with Kanu Kapers. The leaders were so incredibly sweet and they made the experience. It also wasn’t a laid back paddling at leisure type of thing. It was challenging and I loved it.


There are so many nice restaurants with live music or brunch specials. I’m sure you will be able to find something that suits your fancy. This is where I actually tired Betty’s Burgers. Now I realize it’s a chain, but until that point I hadn’t seen one anywhere else and every time I passed by there was always a long line. I really loved it!

I caught up with a friend who happened to be in Noosa at the same time for dinner at FOMO. We shared a bunch of tapas (small plates) and it was lovely.

I didn’t get the chance to go to Sum Yung Guys, but that will be one of my first stops when I get back to Noosa.


So many cute boutiques on the main street by Main Beach and also around Noosa Junction. I wanted to give a special shoutout to JOJO Noosa for your classic boho beach wear. I had a small snag with a dress I bought and their customer service was fabulous.

Noosa is the perfect beach getaway for a girl’s trip or family vacay. It’s a must go if you are traveling the east coast of Australia.

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