Hotel Review – Sydney Boutique Hotel

Your experiences impact how you view the world.  Unknowingly, you begin to create and attach definitions and meanings to words. There are the big ones like “love,” “family,” and “happiness” that each person defines in their own way. Even words like “fun” or “good” mean different things to every person. Then there are descriptive words like “chic” or “trendy” that are used very commonly, but can be interpreted differently. The word that really has me caught up today is “boutique.” To me when I hear this describing say a hotel I hold it above a standard chain and think there’s something that makes this establishment unique. 

Last night I stayed at the Sydney Boutique Hotel. I booked it through my trusty HotelTonight app and wow I was so disappointed. If I didn’t already have all my bags there I would have left. This “hotel” was barely above hostel grade. My biggest quam is that there are no elevators and you are required to climb 20 steps just to get to your room. Nowhere on the posting on the app did this say this and yes it was inconvenient for me with my bags, but what would somebody with a disability do? They wouldn’t be able to even get to their crappy room. Not only do you have to go up the stairs to access your room you also have to go all the way around the block from where reception is. 

There wasn’t anything remotely special or boutique like about the actual room either. It just all looked run down and dirty. At night you constantly hear doors slamming and people walking up the stairs (hello hostel). The “smart tv” wasn’t very smart and it couldn’t get a clear picture on Channel 10 (one of the core Australian channels, think ABC, Fox, etc. in the States). Luggage storage is just leaving your things cluttered in tiny reception and then getting charged days later for using the “storage.” The one thing I will say is that the staff I did interact with were all really nice so that’s where they did okay. I’m just so glad that I only booked one night here. Do yourself a favor and don’t even consider staying here. It’s funny because when you google them they have 3.9 stars….this is a product of the internet failing.

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