Going Old School

When you hear the word “cobbler” do you think of the dessert or the person that fixes shoes? Well the last thing I would think I knew anything about is a shoe cobbler. Back home if a shoe broke someone in my family would go to get it fixed or even more liking it would be time to retire the shoes. Well that was not an option with my Christian Louboutin sandals. These were a treat yo’ self gifted item to myself last spring and naturally they became my most worn shoes ever. I didn’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear them because they weren’t heels. Once they were worn in they also were extremely comfortable and I could literally walk miles in them. Well it wasn’t very long (about 6 months) and as the store clerk so eloquently put it, “they were very loved,” and I found myself with a hole in the sole!! I was shocked/furious/embarrassed/annoyed/sad. How could this happen to luxury sandals?! These were not a $20 pair of Target sandals. I expected better quality. Well I finally came to terms with it and then realized I could throw them out (never going to happen) or solve how to get them fixed.

When I got back to Sydney I decided on visiting Shoe Worx in Chifley (which is a lovely shopping/food center btw). I was nervous going in thinking it was going to be a huge expense and also take a long time. Then I was pleasantly surprised! To fix the hole and resole both shoes it was going to be $58 AUD (less than $40 USD) AND they would be ready in 4 days. Could this be possible? It seemed too good to be true. Maybe they would mess them up more or it was scam or this was only half of the payment. I really didn’t know what to expect when I went to pick them up. Well I was so happy with the results I had to write this post in the off chance you may be in Sydney and need someone to fix your shoes or handbag. I highly recommend them.

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