Seeing Sylvia

I love seeing musicals, plays, concerts, any type of performance really. So I’ve been on the lookout for interesting performances taking place at the Sydney Opera house. One day I saw my name, well a the more traditional spelling of it, and I was intrigued. What could Sylvia be?

Well it turned out to be a ballet about three “superheroines” aka three total bad ass women. My attention was officially peaked. Then I realized I had also never actually been to a ballet. So I decided I was going. I bought my tickets pretty last minute. It also happened to be the last performance for the tour. The stars were aligned since I was getting back from Brisbane the night before.

I was excited for a “cultured” night out and decided that if I was going to go why not go all in so I bought the themed drinks package. This included a pre-show drink and one in between each part (ballets have three acts) plus sweet treats.

The experience was fantastic! I loved everything about it. The music was phenomenal and the dancing was mesmerizing. I can’t wait to go to another ballet!


Sylvia is an epic journey, combining the stories of three superheroines in all the splendour of Ancient Greece. Join the fierce goddess Artemis, the adventurous nymph Sylvia and the mischievous Psyche as they navigate desire and deception in the realm of short-tempered gods and fantastical creatures.

This exciting revival of a rarely staged ballet was first performed in Paris over 150 years ago. The delightful Delibes score, which drew a rave review from Tchaikovsky, has since attracted some of the world’s leading choreographers, including Ivanov, Ashton, Balanchine and Neumeier.”

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