Hostels Review 1 – Sydney (Wake Up!)

If you polled my friends I think they would say that I’m pretty chill, but I enjoy the finer comforts of life. Ergo hostel life doesn’t really hit my typical style. Before moving to Australia I had only stayed in hostels on one other trip and that was also coincidently when I was in Australia back in 2014. So I’m not currently an expert by any means. 

First Coastal Walk Crew
Botanical Gardens stop on tour

My first night in Sydney I arrived late and stayed in a hotel near the airport out of convenience, but I realized I wouldn’t meet anyone staying secluded in a hotel. After that night I moved to a hostel in Sydney’s CBD. I inadvertently (or subconsciously?) booked into a private room for 4 nights at Wake Up! Sydney. The private was great, I had a double bed, towels and toiletries included, and my personal space to spread out and get organized. At the same time I could also utilize the common areas and events to meet loads of people. It was the best of both worlds to start my trip. Wake Up! Sydney was my first hostel stay in over 5 years and it didn’t disappoint.

There are AM and PM activities every day. For example, in the mornings there could be a bootcamp, yoga, or walking tour. At night, there were wine and cheese mixers or great deals and games at the bar below the hostel, Side Bar (think beer pong, trivia, killer pool, etc.). There was also a cafe onsite and I had a delicious macadamia nut pesto bagel with a cappuccino for $10 AUD that I still think about. They also have a really great travel desk, Travel Up, on sight that has been my favorite to work with so far. This hostel experience was a good start to the journey.

I would highly recommend Wake Up! Sydney when you are first arriving in Sydney.

After the hostel life and being in central Sydney, I realized I wanted to be closer to the beach. I rented a room in an AirBnB house near Bondi Junction for two week and I also had a really lovely experience.

Hostel #2 came after the lovely, relaxing two weeks in an AirBnb with free laundry. I decided that because I had such a great experience perviously I would stay with the same brand and so I stayed at the Wake Up! Bondi Beach for 2 nights. This time it was a 4 person mixed dorm. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the hostel had just opened up a month or so before and it was so fresh and nicely decorated. They also have a rooftop overlooking the water. They really are in a prefect location. This location also has daily actiivies ranging from rooftop yoga, free Sunday pancakes, and the classic wine & cheese mixer.

I would 10/10 recommend Wake Up! Bondi Beach for its location and fresh/new feel.

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